The Anti-Slip Paper from Applied Coating and Converting has a natural shade appearance and is made from recycled Natural Kraft. Our unique coated paper imparts a non-slipping performance in multiple business applications. The Anti Slip coating is a water based, neutral pH, non-hazardous proprietary material. The uses and applications for our anti-slip paper include a variety of packaging materials such as: corrugate cartons, plastic, aluminum, steel, wood and any other application that needs anti skid properties. The high performance of our products are evaluated and tested by our customers for their specific application prior to use.


Anti Slip Pallet Sheets Impart Grip to your Product and Locks Layers of Material Together to Create a Solid Load - Use for Boxes, Bags, Pails, Trays, Bottles, Cans and Drums

Anti Slip Pallet Sheets Will Grip Most Any Surface and Can Be Used to Interleave a Variety of Packaging Materials - Corrugate Cartons, Plastic, Glass, Aluminum, Steel and Wood

Prevent Damage to Sensitive Materials During Warehousing and Transport

Works on All Types of Pallets, Packaging and Stacking Types

Recyclable, Water Resistant, Reusable, Non-Abrasive and Non-Adhesive

Anti Slip Paper Technical Data
ParameterNK65 ANK77 ANK86 ANK126 A
Basis Weight65 lbs/ream (105 gsm)77 lbs/ream (125 gsm)86 lbs/ream (140 gsm)126 lbs/ream (205 gsm)
Slip Angle55 Degrees55 Degrees55 Degrees55 Degrees
Bending Stiffness (MD)10141414
Bending Stiffness (CD)18222222
Cobb (FS)14141414
Cobb (BS)14141414
Moisture7.0 %7.0 %7.0 %5.0 %

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The pallet stability we achieved by using Applied Coating and Converting's Anti Slip paper reduced our overall cost per pallet for packaging material.
We are very happy with the Anti Slip Paper provided by Applied Coating and Converting - we have virtually eliminated product damage during shipment
Applied Coating and Converting was able to provide the exact product at the right price for our application. We will definitely continue to use them for all our future products.